Gros Piton Hikes

Rising nearly 3,000 feet out of the sea, Gros Piton and its twin, Petit Piton, dominate the west coast of the island nation of Saint Lucia. These iconic pyramids may be the most celebrated peaks of the Caribbean. Only Gros Piton (2,619 feet), the taller of the two volcanic mountains, is easily accessed and climbed by tourists.

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  • Privately Guided
  • Allows hikers to take on a strenuous but exhilarating one of a kind climbing adventure!  
  • Included in price: Chilled Water
  • Not included in price: Lunch and Site Entrance Fees ($50 USD per person)
  • Duration : 5hrs (can be longer or shorter if you wish)
  • Start time 6:30AM/7:00AM
  • CruiseShip Passengers start time will be 8:30-9:00AM

Our Gros Piton mountain is nestled between two historic beauties of St. Lucia; the town of Soufriere, then the old capital of St. Lucia during the French ruling and Fond Gens Libre (Valley of the free people)

The Gros Piton Mountain Nature Trail is alive with natural, cultural and historical charm. There are several caves and ‘look out points’ dating back to the days of the Brigands. The arduous yet exciting life of the Brigands is brought to life with the aid of tales and legends recounted by the guides. The trail weaves through three different ecosystems boasting an Eden of flora and fauna, some endemic to the great mountain. The entire hike is serenaded by a melodious orchestra of a multitude of exotic birds. One may even catch a fleeting glimpse of the elusive mongoose. Upon arrival at the summit there are two viewing points. The panoramas to the north and south of the island are quite simply beyond verbal descriptionExploring the Gros Pitons can be a wonderful adventure and worth the trip to the island of Saint Lucia. Booking business class flights to great international destinations like this can make a great trip even better. With daily flights  from many cities, travel to Saint Lucia is always just a flight away.



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